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JFK & the
Muckers of Choate

This newest piece of literature on John F. Kennedy skillfully reconstructs the years he spent at Choate, an elite and stifling boarding school for boys. A prankster by nature, Kennedy rebels when the headmaster brands him and his partners-in-crime "muckers" who are sullying Choate's reputation. Young Kennedy is the best kind of troublemaker and underdog: funny, whip-smart, and keenly sensitive to injustice in all its forms. A captivating story of real people and true events from Kennedy's previously unexplored boarding school days, the book displays the first stirrings of his social conscience and the leadership skills that made him such a champion of civil rights and so endeared him to much of the American public, then and now.


JFK & the Muckers of Choate is available at Amazon.com and B&N.com.